SPACEMASTER™ 9000 Series

The SM 9000 series consists of a high-power self-contained transmitter SMT, and receiver SMR, which are to be used in thru-beam mode. The complete series is available in stainless steel or plastic housing with either cable or plug connection.

The complete series is available with a 10-30 V dc supply voltage with a 5-wire, NPN or PNP transistor output or opto-isolated solid state output with a choice between light or dark function. The control input in the SMT may be used for either disabling or enabling the transmitting power temporarily for test purpose, multiplexing applications or as gradual regulation of the transmitting power level.

The SM 9000 series features cross talk elimination which enables up to 4 individual sensor pairs to operate independently, configurable with the use of a 2-wire channel selection in the SMT and SMR, ensuring that optical cross talk interference between the channels is prevented.

Both the transmitter and receiver are protected against reverse polarity of power supplies, control input and output signals. The output is also protected against short circuit and inductive loads.
All products include a 3-year worldwide warranty.

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